Remembering The Outlaw


August 6th, 2013


On October 22, 2013 Chrystal “The Outlaw” Fortner was at home with Ramon “Mr. Nizguy” Burnham and Nicole “Flytech” Bunrham when she collapsed in the main bathroom. The EMS was called and arrived shortly after. She ws rushed to near by Botsford hospital where they began to work on her. She was conscience when she went in but soon took a turn for the worse. Mr. Nizguy was at her side while they worked on her and instructed Flytech to go get Nathan “Big Crush” Burnham from work to be by her side as well. Big Crush arrived while they were still working on her and when she finally transitioned Mr. Nizguy and Big Crush were holding her hands and praying at her side telling her that they loved her. Big Crush, Flytech, and Mr. Nizguy had prayer as a family by her bedside at the hospital. Her family and friends miss her so much. Her beautiful smile and inviting spirit will never be forgotten. She was recognized in a tribute by Senator Bert Johnson and the State of Michigan for her commitment and hard work at SVmixRadio / SVmixMedia.Com. She hosted several shows on the station including The Writer’s Block, Wet Wednesday, Real Music, and The W. She was inducted May 16, 2013 into The Internet Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame. She was a part of the legendary DJ group Detroit’s Baddest DJs with long time DJ and Rap partner Mr. Nizguy. She was an accomplished artist manager and considered to be one of the sexiest voices in DJ history! She transitioned due to complications from Congestive Heart Failure and Blood Clots.

The Obituary

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The Benefit
On sunday October 28, 2013 some of Detroit’s most important entertainment figures gathered at Bert’s Warehouse to have a benefit honoring the Detroit Entertainment icon. Amongst those who performed were.. Trick R=trick who did an emotion stirring rendition of his soon to be released hit single “OUTLAW”, the group En-Flyte, the groun Eunique, Pauly Bronson, One Single Rose, The Black Tie Collective, 313 Phresh, Supa Emcee, Valid 313, Comedian Mike Bonner, Katrina Carson, and more! It was hosted by Chris Kelly and Ellie SanDiego and DJed by DJ Trumptoght. There were special appearances by Mr. Nizguy & the family, Nikki Nik, Sabrina Underwood, Johnny Washington, Mayor DeAndre Windom, Kelly’s Kitchen, and more! We would like to thank all of those who participated and supported!
Chrystal Benefit Pass

The Funeral
Final respects were paid to The Outlaw by a crowd of more than 500 in attendance at Life Christian Church in Troy, Michigan November 1, 2013. She was as beautiful in her last appearance as she was in her life. Many people gave beautiful remarks and she was remembered in a eulogy given by her husband Ramon “Mr. Nizguy” Burnham.
Chrystal Casket

Chrystal “The Outlaw” Fortner was a giving spirit who loved and was loved by many so even in her death the family has continued to bless people in her honor by establishing the Chrystal Clear Foundation. The foundation has set out on a mission to help those who have had traumatizing life experiences. By providing literature, videos, and other support for people who were diagnosed with life threatening illnesses and even victims of abuse such as molestation and domestic violence.
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The memory of The Outlaw has also been preserved in a line of t-shirts that have surfaced world wide being worn by a wide range of celebrities. There was even a siting of The Outlaw’s favorite group of all-time the Jacksons with an Outlaw shirt present. Her many fans and loved ones wear the shirt as a symbol of love and respect.
Simon and The Jacksons

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